Advantages of Using AOL Mail

 Advantages of Using AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free email service that was launched in 1993. Initially, it was not much used but after providing a new look; it has attracted the users towards itself. After a lot of struggle, AOL has managed to compete with other electronic mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. AOL Mail can be operated by any user without any extra knowledge because of its simple and easy mode of operation. It can be used in both fields whether personal or professional. AOL email can be used for commercial purposes as well. There are many advantages of using AOL mail over other mail:

The storage capacity of each account is unlimited which means any number of emails and attachments can be stored in it. In other email services, there is a problem of memory getting filled up by electronic mail. AOL creates a cloud memory in which all the documents are stored safely. With this feature, AOL was a success in attracting users.

AOL provides 25 MB maximum attachment capacity for each mail.

This is good enough to upload songs, images, PDF, small size videos, and other format documents.

This facility is also an important factor for attracting a user’s attention.

The account is expired when not in use continuously for 90 days. This step is essential for AOL to release the unused or void space.
AOL mails are user-friendly which forces people to register with AOL mail. It supports all types of protocols like POP3, SMTP, IMAP, etc.
It can be accessed and linked to other electronic mails like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Mails can be sent as well as received from any other email service.

AOL mail provides many important features like spam protection, virus protection, spell check, and allowing a user to do smart work.
Easy Sign in to AOL helps anyone to create an account.
It is very easy to sign in to AOL. You need to go to and click on a free username and then you have to fill your personal details. Personal detail includes your name, your user name, your password, date of birth, gender, mobile number, etc. After completing all these steps, you will have your own account with your username and password. Go to my AOL Mail Login page and have all your communication work done easily with the help of AOL.

Overall AOL mail is an actively used email service which provides much facilities, features, and specification to users. AOL offers a one-click opening option for your mail and attachments which saves precious time. Once loaded, you can access your mail in an offline condition as well. This is beneficial for reading purposes or going through earlier mails without any internet connection. Sign in to AOL and have your work done in a smart and faster way. Don’t waste time pondering what to do. Just go out there, create an AOL Email account and see for yourself the benefits AOL offers when you are in sync with it.

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